Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

?USP Zinc Oxide is used in the production of lotions, sunscreens, and diaper rash prevention creams.
?Cosmetic manufacturers use zinc oxide as a UV absorber.
?Zinc oxide is used by manufacturers of dietary supplements (essential for the human body) and is also used to manufacture zinc gluconate, now found in cold prevention lozenges.


 Item Index
 Zinc oxide(as Zno)%,≥ 99.80
 Metal zinc (as Zn) %,≥ No
 Lead oxide(as Pb)%,≥ 0.003
 Potassium oxide(as K)%,≥ 0.001
 Sodium oxide(as Na)%,≥ 0.001
 Ferric oxide(as Fe)%,≥ 0.002
 Cadmium oxide(as Cd)%,≥ 0.005
 Lead oxide(as Pb)%,≥ 0.037
 Copper oxide(as Cu)%,≥ 0.0002
 Metal oxide(as Zn)%,≥ No
 Moisture%,≥ 0.3
 Insoluble matter in HCI%,≤ 0.006
 Loss on ignition%≤ 0.2
 PH value 7.0-8.0
 Average size(um) ,≤ 0.5
 Residue on sieve%,≤ 0.1

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