Zinc Oxide for Soft Magnetic Ferrites

?Soft magnetic ferrite used in Zinc Oxide mainly used in the electronics industry to manufacture deflection yoke core and other zinc and magnesium ferrite core.
?Features and functions:
1. Small particle size and uniform, easy to use in the process of fully integrated with other ingredients, can greatly reduce the deviation of physical parameters of electronic components.
2. High purity, easy to operate, to improve the quality of authentic.
3. Copper, manganese, aluminum, iron and other elements of the content is very small, the performance of electronic components is small, can reduce the error between the actual value and the theoretical value.

Standard: HG/T2834-1997

 Item Index
 Model Top garde Qualified product
 Zinc oxide(as Zno)%, 99.75 99.65
 Water soluble matter%, 0.1 0.1
 Insoluble matter in HCI%, 0.005 0.008
 Metals zinc (as Zn)%, No 0.01
 Loss on ignition% 0.2 0.2
 Chloride (as Cl) 0.005 -
 Pb%, 0.03 0.04
 Mn%, 0.0001 0.0002
 Cu%, 0.0002 0.0004
 Cd%, 0.005 0.03
 Ni%, 0.1 -
 Volatile matter on 105%, 0.2 0.4
 Apparent density (g/ml)  Compactness  0.8-1.0 0.8-1.0
 Bulk density  0.4-0.5 0.4-0.5
Residue on sieve45um sieve%, 0.05 0.15

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